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My love's look is the mirror of his heart, he is away from me, but never apart, when the hope of living good, slips away, he will hold on to optimism,  to see through another day.. No one thought of negativity he will ever find, he is always ready to see the silver line, even when the dark clouds are here to stay, he is sure, he will find a way... i adore his courage, i feel his pain, i want to be his reason to smile, when he is tired...


Life, to each one, his own definition,
In denial, or lived in suggestions,
when in love, being at peace,
when in anger, to own self, retreat,
cradle of life, not too strong,
some are not hopeful of living along,
given the agonies of time,
strings of life, are stretched away..from their rhyme
unable to strike a balance,
living life of loneliness and  non-chalance,
some rowing along, to create a history,
some getting lost, in their own mystery......