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getting lost in the warmth of full moon,
trying to stay back on the earth,
a soul lost in the darkness of night,
a heart waiting to get back its mirth...


seeking refuge in my own self,
no one to go to,

no place to dwell,
waiting to hear the answers
spreading around the web of questions..

speaking to my own soul
looking in for suggestions,
away, one day,
the heart will leave,
in search of unknown destinations....

I will..

If i had the best day in life,
that would be with you,
if i had the best thought in time,
i would be thinking of you,
when times are bad,
and when you are sad,
i will be the moment,
that makes you smile,
and, if, i had to forever say goodbye...
i will stay back,
to be in the twinkle of your eyes...

giving in

counting on time as a friend,
hoping that its goodwill never ends,
a lifetime went by,
in trying to tie up loose ends...
giving in to giving up hopes,

hanging on, to tightropes,
no time to think of a straight road,
bad times waiting with a sword in hand,
cutting through the life line of love,
taking me away from my treasure trove....