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giving up is not an option

when you have friends 
and their suggestions

answers are found,
in everyday discussions,
so keep your heart and mind true,

you will always find a friend
who is thinking of you,

sometimes when i get lost in the crowd,
my words ring in and shout aloud,

into this world, but away from it,
is this heartbeat of mine,
and the memories i keep.....


barriers in life,

make the heart bleed,

distancing myself from the creed,
the rush of time, the flowing river,
not finding  a moment aside,
to share with the care giver,
no verse then tries to rhyme,
a feeling of loss.
an unseen pain,
tries to get lost in the summer rain...


holding a million storms behind the veil,
of two endearing eyes,
a thousand mutinies in my heart,
i win sometimes and then i fail...

pushed around...

pushed around into the corner of mind,
are some dreams and hopes,
that have become hard to find...