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knowing there are boundaries to being a human being,

and there are journeys and moments left to be seen,
the  soul embarks on an unknown journey
to delve into the mysteries of life..

a simple smile from a child,

soothes the soul, gives happiness untold..

a simple frown from a stranger,
can make the mind think.. its in danger..

talking of conquering the world,
not seeing own life,
many lives are spent,
taking be wise...

the heart heaves heavy
sayin everything is for a splitsecond,
never knowing what the next moment holds,

varying heartbeats,
send happiness out of my hands..

having hope as an eternal friend,
i move across the journey,
some day some life,
i will live out of the boundaries of time..


Ahead in time free wheeling emotions,
fight around themselves to find a rhyme,
not waiting for the storm to pass way,
heart tugging on emotions that put me in sway..
of unknown destinations, leading towards unknown emotions,
and then its a struggle every moment.,
yearnings behold and there is no sight of my soul, reaching ashore...


across unknown blue oceans,
my mind wanders to unknown places,
sometimes feeling absent from this world,
sometimes feeling myself present,
living many lives at once,
many worlds clashing in heart,
tugging it from inside out...
pain creeping towards life,
like it has been invited,
cares moving out of mind,
like a bird left free....

Stringsof Life...

strings of life broken and bound again,

like a heart smiling when it sees,
an earth parched, get rain,
a wish so small, but its meaning tall,
standing right in the middle of the crossroads..

you never know,
what life has in store,
it can be a blessing from the heaven above,
or a curse from people below..

a life threatened by the thought of pain,
always hoping to find,
rainbow in rain.......


never ever felt the pain,
of broken dreams,
and feelings breakin life's seams,
coming in to each day like new,
preserving happiness in moments' few,

going ahead and flying
with broken wings,
some people just dont understand,
how hard it is...

when i reach the destination,
my life will be,
lost in translation..


My love's look is the mirror of his heart, he is away from me, but never apart, when the hope of living good, slips away, he will hold on to optimism,  to see through another day.. No one thought of negativity he will ever find, he is always ready to see the silver line, even when the dark clouds are here to stay, he is sure, he will find a way... i adore his courage, i feel his pain, i want to be his reason to smile, when he is tired...


Life, to each one, his own definition,
In denial, or lived in suggestions,
when in love, being at peace,
when in anger, to own self, retreat,
cradle of life, not too strong,
some are not hopeful of living along,
given the agonies of time,
strings of life, are stretched away..from their rhyme
unable to strike a balance,
living life of loneliness and  non-chalance,
some rowing along, to create a history,
some getting lost, in their own mystery......


getting lost in the warmth of full moon,
trying to stay back on the earth,
a soul lost in the darkness of night,
a heart waiting to get back its mirth...


seeking refuge in my own self,
no one to go to,

no place to dwell,
waiting to hear the answers
spreading around the web of questions..

speaking to my own soul
looking in for suggestions,
away, one day,
the heart will leave,
in search of unknown destinations....

I will..

If i had the best day in life,
that would be with you,
if i had the best thought in time,
i would be thinking of you,
when times are bad,
and when you are sad,
i will be the moment,
that makes you smile,
and, if, i had to forever say goodbye...
i will stay back,
to be in the twinkle of your eyes...

giving in

counting on time as a friend,
hoping that its goodwill never ends,
a lifetime went by,
in trying to tie up loose ends...
giving in to giving up hopes,

hanging on, to tightropes,
no time to think of a straight road,
bad times waiting with a sword in hand,
cutting through the life line of love,
taking me away from my treasure trove....


Sometimes when time stands still,
the heart leans out of the window sill,
to catch up with memories of the past,
and measure how things have been,last,
sometimes throwing light on mistakes,
sometimes thinking how it took place,
wondering about the ironies of life,
wishing to go someplace, for a while,
in the fight for space, some memories to trace,
alongwith with winds of smile,
sadness breezed in on the smooth tile,
facing my own reflection on the floor,
i tried to make changes, to my life entour,
knowing how hard life can be,
when there is no hope to cling on to...
arresting bad thoughts in my mind,
i went on to relax, and un wind,
Life's a lesson,
it ought to be lived along,
though sometimes generous,
sometimes unkind........


every smile that i see,
is god's way of loving me...


One life to live,
to care share and forgive,
a hundred lives lived in one moment,
a thousand emotions felt,
as the clock hour passes by,
so many lives have seen their end..


giving up is not an option

when you have friends 
and their suggestions

answers are found,
in everyday discussions,
so keep your heart and mind true,

you will always find a friend
who is thinking of you,

sometimes when i get lost in the crowd,
my words ring in and shout aloud,

into this world, but away from it,
is this heartbeat of mine,
and the memories i keep.....


barriers in life,

make the heart bleed,

distancing myself from the creed,
the rush of time, the flowing river,
not finding  a moment aside,
to share with the care giver,
no verse then tries to rhyme,
a feeling of loss.
an unseen pain,
tries to get lost in the summer rain...


holding a million storms behind the veil,
of two endearing eyes,
a thousand mutinies in my heart,
i win sometimes and then i fail...

pushed around...

pushed around into the corner of mind,
are some dreams and hopes,
that have become hard to find...