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away from the boundaries of time,
my heart yearns to be strong and calm,
strong enough to brave the uneasiness
created by distance...

i would want to hate you,
coz you leave me,
when i need you....

i would be looking at you...

away into the realm of sky,
into the windy mountains,
somewhere in the horizon
i would be looking at you...


a day ending with the hope of meeting you,
after the sun sets in,
a year ending
with countless hopes 
and dreams to begin...

a place for you and me...

a place for you and me,
under the shining sun,
where time stands still,
like a drop of dew,
on the window sill...

there would be no hurry to run,
no task to be over done,
our eyes will meet,
our hearts will share
a thousand memories,
miles ahead, into the sunset,
hand in hand,
we will walk towards our glory...

you and me...

with my eyes closed, when i see,
i think and i feel,
you are the best part,
that has ever happened for me,
in my life's stage...
i was young and sad,
full of rage
you calmed me down,
helped me turn a page,
through your words, calm and cool,
you touched my life,
helped me guard against,
being somebody's fool,
everyone in love, says it,
but no one mostly does it,
i say, that my life's for you,
for i have never found a soulmate,
so true,
it is you, only you.....