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soft whispers

soft whispers spread in the air,
without you knowing it, i felt you here,
when the breeze brought in some moist,
i would be again with you soon, it promised….

nothing beats the loneliness i feel,
without you, my life isnt complete,
there are many feelings rushing around,
i do not know, which one to fight,
which one to compete…

empty thoughts...

filling in mind with empty thoughts,
sometimes my heart becomes an iron wrought,
its a pain, then, to carry on,
a single thought, transcending itself,
from being a rose, to a thorn….sometimes, i feel like running away,
then there are some moments,
that take my soul in sway,
i get stuck like a rock in pond,
making way for the water,
to flow, either way…

i dream and smile

i dream and smile,
in the world of god,
i wake up and i stare awhile,
keeping my hand, close to my heart..
holding me along are the arms of love,
i am my mom's treasure trove.....

its going to be dawn again...

Alas! in the night of no moon,
The stars have disappeared, so soon,
the sky then becomes clean and clear,
Being its all alone...
As the midnight hour pass by,
my thoughts begin to cease,
what happened through the day that was worse,
what has been in it, to please...
Behest, with the end of night,
a ray of light emerges,
its going to be dawn again,
the start of a new flight.........

if, only...

waiting for a loved one to wake up,
feeling the time go by,
thinking of a whole life lived,
but not wanting to cry,
no regret for the good times missed,
wanting to seal pain, 
with a heartwarming kiss...

many moments lived in the past,
and journeys everyday,
that do not seem to last,
not one day going through without the thought,
if, only, i would have fought..
life would have been different.......

happiness in a rhyme...

living in a hairstrand of a space,
not snapping across with the maddening pace,
to achieve success for the inner soul,
quietly gather memories of love,
there is no day left to think about rage,
or to dwell on unpleasant times...
look around and you will find,
music in hearts and happiness in a rhyme...