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sublime sunset....

to feel the waves beneath my feet
will be a part of my living bliss,
the sky above and its vastness,
will be a part of my happiness,
living high,flying with the clouds,
there wont be any worries,
or living doubts,
nature healing my pain,
will assure me,
i am not living in vain,
at the end of my time,
everyone will fret,
but i will be happy,
to be with,
the sublime sunset......

love isnt permenant....

love isnt permenant, not even life,
then why is it that we take our loved ones for granted,
why should i even search for loved one,
is this beginning of another illusion?

ask for togetherness,
and then live in seperation,
then answer a hundred questions,
like your life is up for investigation....

end of arguments,
begin the discussion,
better to live life openly,
than to get lost in depression....


turning definitions upside down,
i think of reality,
as a break from the world of dreams,
and fantasy,
a long journey which never stops....

breaking out....

breaking out of illusions,
clearing the soul of delusions,
reflections of good times in heart,
a confused human being,
has set her own world apart....

not knowing whom to wait for,
not knowing what to cry for,
pain tearing inside,
leaving a void outside...

seeing a life...

last seen a life
living through an hourglass,
looking at life from the rear mirror,
seeing, but not able to hold time,
asking for happiness and love in prayers,
never really celebrating being there,
golden moments with loved ones,
spread over like sunset hues,
a readymade medicine to see us through,
tough times and sadness blues,
again, weaving a new fabric,
into the pattern of life,
seeing a life, lived through the hourglass…


hoping to find sunset at the end of this journey,
a light all encompassing,
when there is no word left to be said,
no lone journey to be tread......

lean back on life...

invent new reasons for being alive,
through some good and bad moments,
learning how to live,
when everything else fails,
lean back on life,
try to rewind,
find out, where it all began,
learning each day will bring pain,
the heart will try to wash away,
troubles.. in the chatter of rain....

"i will hold you"

Love is like a magic wand,
with a helping hand,
seeing you through pain,
to rise you up again..
love cant be always with you,
there are some storms,
that you alone, have to go through,
love can last you only till you believe in it,
even in its absence, you gotta live with it,
then there are some moments, a loved one lives without you,
happy or sad, you have to live it through,
to find solace within your own self,
when life gets you off the shelves,
is to close your eyes,
see yourself through,
there is a companion who lives within you..
when times seems so hard,
that shadows melt away,
it says, "i will hold you"
and see you through another day....