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A Lovely Morn....

Towards, the end of day,the rosy hues left by the morning dew,
spelt a word against the darkness of the unending black sky,
Behold! You are trying in vain..
You cant hold me too long,
As the new morn awaits me...
O darkness! ye shall see light in a few moments from now....

When the morning leaf was caressed by the wind,
the bud flowered in sun,
slowly, a breeze sailed across,
and whispered to the bud...
"You have become a Beautiful Blossom,
Live thy life in joy,
I have sailed across this sleepy town,
To bring with me for you,
A Lovely Morn...."


Beckoning shadows make their presence felt,
in times of wavering sunlight,
sweeping slowly over the clouds..
alighting gradually down here on earth,
With the sunset fast approaching,
they become more encompassing,
surviving the encroachment of shadows,
a few beings live now,
when the shadows are gone,
some of us will rise and shine,
some will remain in their own srhine
with them being strong enough,
shadows cast a gloom on humans
and carry them away...

Life in a moment...

living too close, living too far,
having feelings and thoughts at war,
its a close call everyday,
which feelings to lose,
which thoughts to play,
people may ask whats there in a name,
it is being there, done that,
and changing the game,
what is with the world ,
i have wondered,
to wrong things and right,
people surrender,
seeing life through a looking glass,
being in the world,but not getting lost,
Life in a moment...


Waiting for a destination in life,
when there is no road ahead to move on
destined to be at the end of world,
like a moonset on an island,
putting together broken pieces,
to find a reflection...


voices speaking to my heart,
happiness from me will, always stay apart,
the joy of walking towards the sunset,
in my destiny, it is not set,
a million moments of love and care,
do not match, the feeling of being there...
asking myself is this will be true,
will i be able to touch the sky,
be one with the blue...