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soaring into the deep blue sky,
with wings of happiness and success,
my dreams for you is to see you reach high,
and to never say goodbye...

lost in translation,
are some of my hopes,
and then some wishes in waiting,
to reach a destination..

believing in the power of love,
to bring me nearer
to my treasure trove..


living life like a falling glory,
mending broken places,
finding a meaning to my story,
will find solace when i touch the ground,
having the mother earth,
to surround....

summer sun

i was with you when the summer sun lit the ground,
i was with you when the spring rain came around,
i was with you, when the morning birds came around to play,
i was with you, on that bright sunny day...

distant sunset

in search of a distant sunset,
treading along on the path of life,
not knowing when this path will take a turn..
towards the end..

panorama of colors...

spilling colors of sunset,
on to the big blue sea,
there is a panorama of colors,
mixing with each other,
for human eyes to see,
one cannot but get lost in time,
with the wonders of nature,
being one with god, is the only thing,
felt at that juncture,
all troubles, all sadness,
vanishes away, holding us spellbound,
in nature's fray,
pulling in darkness, with a thousand stars,
wrapping up in the warmth of moon,
the night ends too soon......

no one cares...

living in a world,
where human beings are compared to salt,
people hoping to wipe away sorrow,
with a single glass of malt,
no one cares how the other one lives,
not having kindness of sharing grief,
when summer is around,
we wait for the rain to come,
and through the showers,
we keep blaming the sun,
for not showing up...
asking each other how are you,
not bothering really, about how they do,
loved one's though close,
are far away,
they wait to see through,
each another's day,
spending time together,
is a distant dream, for them,
they are still apart, however near they seem,
keeping memontes, and showing them off,
not really having a place for each other, in their hearts..


waiting to hold on a moment in time,
seeing it whither away like sand,
sometimes touching an unknown chord,
sometimes giving away a rhyme,
waiting for that one moment,
to be free from praise, and lament,
to sleep in the deep peace of lifelessness,
to see and feel the heaven shine...

happy endings...

waiting for happy endings,
going through agonies of space and time,
a flicker of hope, adorning the way ahead,
not knowing when it will die down,
a constant reminder of bad days,
leaving a void in today,
a vacant spot in the world,
waiting to call me its own,
a verse leaving me fulfilled,
after going through life's drill,
a dream of love born again,
to find ice crystals in rain...


stayin ahead of each other
in the race of time,
conniving dealings,
inconsistent feelings,
sapping the energy of soul,
running across to some unknown destination,
not having time to spend in self rumination,
when i am alone,
i feel the energy come back to my soul,
counting on my blessings,
i leave everything in the hands of time,
nowadays, i am not always looking for a rhyme,
carelessly shedding my shortcomings,
looking on to the day,
when i will leave,
to be back with my creator......

little hopes ...

little hopes to cling on,
some happy moments to believe,
finding my own reason to live,
a dash of love, a touch of care,
is all that my heart needs,
to be in the moment...

good times

never will bad times prevail,
there is a good time , waiting inside a veil,
losing hope is giving up yourself to sorrow,
for you will live, there is still a tommorow,
chasing away the darkness in soul,
light will encompass you, one day...