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stayin detached from life,
like a dewdrop on rose bud,
waiting to reach the earth,
or to disappear in sky...


at the end of life's sunset,
there will be many questions unanswered,
why did i live a human life,
and not find the one who created it,
why did i find so much pain,
and then tried to live with it,
why did i survive,
when a day old child had died,
why are there a million mutinies in my heart,
when there is nothing to feel bad about...

finding myself...

waiting sometimes to feel the breeze,
chose not to worry about life,
take good times and bad with ease,
nobody will be there at the end of time,
finding time, to find myself...
walking sometimes by the evening sea,
thinking how i am, how i wanna be,
never getting sad by failures in life,
or let success give me a high,
assurances of togetherness,
flowing away with the river,
containing in myself, my heart's shiver,
acceptance is far away, revolt is near,
chosing to move away from my fear,
treading alone on an unknown path,
not knowing till when this life will last......


my friends are rays of sunshine,
shining through the leaves,
like hope of happiness,
in time of grief..

one moment

waiting on for that one moment,
when dreams turn to reality,
thinking of a life half lived,
there is an emptiness i feel,
getting lost in the vastness
of the big wide world...


knowing whats lost and whats not,
a thousand lonely moments,
asking my heart,
whether, i am right or wrong in being apart,
sometimes holding an invisible hand,
at crossroads of life,
did i stand,
no one day to fill in happiness,
then sometimes, 
feeling like walking towards greatness,
do not know how far, the journey of life will last,
keeping my mind open, for the roads are vast,
standing on my own ground, 
to discover peace somewhere in the horizon..... 


one day, i would return,
come back to the evening sea,
this is where i belong,
this is where i wanna be,
an evening for the eyes to behold,
calming waves reaching up like a hand to hold,
walk across to the end of land,
with no one to seek or understand,
unseen horizons beckon,
to sail into spaces unknown...