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answer to my prayers...

there are so many emotions left unfelt,
at the end of the day,
i would have dealt,
with conflicting desires,
and lonely moments,
how would it be to hold a child in my arms,
how would it be, to see him smile,
how would days go, when i feel him there,
like an answer to my prayers..
keeping aside these emotions,
my heart wrings towards either sides,
i do not see a ray of hope,
through giant waves,
it is like, deep trenches all the way,
holding me on to another day,
without knowing when the next step,
will lead me towards the end.......


looking around to find a meaning,
a reason to mend the broken heart,
waiting across dark oceans,
to find a distant sunlight...

waiting to know...

bound by prayers of loved ones,
feeling safe and sound,
i think of time and journey ahead,
trying to gather happiness abound,
my shadows keep withering away,
with withering hopes of love,
not thinking of leaving something behind,
with a lot of questions in my mind,
trying to find faces on sand,
my dreams may not have a place to land,
walking on water,
waiting in snow,
where's life taking me,
i am waiting to know...

till the end..

presuming a life without directions,
to find a right path,
which will walk toghether,
forwards, till the end,
an empty heart with no hope,
a silent soul which is helping me cope,
and negotiate,
there are not many achievements,
to substantiate,
that i will be  a winner,
in the game of life,
in the absence of light,
in the silence of one lonely night,
i found my reason to live,
to share and forgive,
and, then , there was no looking back,
i decided to put my life,
back on track...

beyond you...

trying to catch hold of life,
is like holding a butterfly in your hand,
feeling it slip away in a split second,
like a handful of sand,
a verse written with love in mind,
can sometimes turn out to be unkind,
unpredictable but wise,
its good to arise,
thinking above and beyond the present,
with no feelings in heart of resent,
sounds bad but it is true,
i will have to think of my life,
beyond you...

painting hopes..

painting hopes for a new tommorow,
the sunset splashes its colors,
every day, the sky is different,
and the clouds tell a story of their own,
sometimes they show, a carriage with men,
sometimes, a child playing on the ground,
an array of rays spread across,
sometimes just a blanket of snow,
heaven has so many stories to tell,
us human beings may never know.....

reaching up..

reaching up to the sky,
hands stretched far ahead,
though i couldnt reach it,
i will not regret having not tried,
burning up in eternity,
all that i have learned,
laying across before my eyes,
all that i have yearned,
lighted up a candle of hope,
that glowed all night,
letting go off boundaries,
of trying to be wrong or right,
fear of the future, has me in its hold,
makes me anxious of feelings untold,
failing to find peace of mind,
i paused for a moment,
tried to unwind,
felt the flowing water,
beneath my feet,
as time began to wither,
with rain on the window sill,
i yearned for life,
to stand still,
not gathering sand to build a castle,
going towards the storm,
away from the hustle,
i walk towards to the end of life,
to take me away from love and strife.......


so many dreams to achieve
in one little lifetime,
there are successes to perk me up,
an equal number of failures, to pull me down,
i wont be able to correct myself,
if i do not have them owned,
some where deep down in my heart,
i have a pain,
that does not heal,
going across a lonely road,
i think about the life ahead,
good times and bad times to tread,
i do not want to live a cliche'd life...

my destination..

a new dawn with endless possibilities,
complete with loved one's smiles,
giving strength to move on ,
towards endless miles,
a new hope has found its place,
somewhere in the corner of my heart,
a small whisper of my soul has said,
that my destination is not too far...