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away from the boundaries of time,
my heart yearns to be strong and calm,
strong enough to brave the uneasiness
created by distance...

i would want to hate you,
coz you leave me,
when i need you....

i would be looking at you...

away into the realm of sky,
into the windy mountains,
somewhere in the horizon
i would be looking at you...


a day ending with the hope of meeting you,
after the sun sets in,
a year ending
with countless hopes 
and dreams to begin...

a place for you and me...

a place for you and me,
under the shining sun,
where time stands still,
like a drop of dew,
on the window sill...

there would be no hurry to run,
no task to be over done,
our eyes will meet,
our hearts will share
a thousand memories,
miles ahead, into the sunset,
hand in hand,
we will walk towards our glory...

you and me...

with my eyes closed, when i see,
i think and i feel,
you are the best part,
that has ever happened for me,
in my life's stage...
i was young and sad,
full of rage
you calmed me down,
helped me turn a page,
through your words, calm and cool,
you touched my life,
helped me guard against,
being somebody's fool,
everyone in love, says it,
but no one mostly does it,
i say, that my life's for you,
for i have never found a soulmate,
so true,
it is you, only you.....

trials of life...

in word and in spirit,
i will love thee,
through all trials of life,
big and small,
when it becomes difficult,
to stand tall,
i will be the block of time,
which will bring you back,
and make you smile
till all your songs begin to rhyme,
promises of love, will never be broken,
i will fill your life with so much love,
that, another day in life,
will never be lived unspoken...


i am at the end of time,
like a lonely cloud at the brink of the moon,
shining briefly and fading away,
like its existence was taken in sway,
of a splitsecond...

another life...

a feeling better than sunshine,
a constant desire to make you smile,
a sweet memory sets me free,
erasing how lonely i can be,
assuring sunsets making me smile,
i will meet you soon, it will just be awhile,
leaving across unending memories,
and love from the bottom of my heart,
my soul will one day from you, will be apart,
another new day, new life, i will think of you,
when i will have nothing else to do,
rather than keep lovin you.....


splendid sunsets beckon,
forgotten music of the heart,
searching for a world unknown,
where the heart and soul are never apart,
where giving up hopes and dreams,
will never be a possibility,
and my heart will wear the cloak of invincibility...

(Picture Courtesy : My Friend, Cida - Mosaicos)


a lonely feeling gave rise to emotions,
my heart tried to ease the commotion,
of random thoughts entering my mind,
of how i wont be able to find,
a meaning to the end,
when life seems to be a bend,
to unknown situations…
a shiver in spine,
says, you wont be mine,
then i lose all hope,
when i think i wont be able to cope,
with the loneliness i feel,
when you aren’t around…


i saw the moon in the sky,
like a tiny bird, ready to fly,
the sky in blue, spread across,
the sun shining, like a spot of gold,
spreading its gloss,

painted blue,
with a silvery hue,
evening colors moving across,
like a drop of due,
now i see them,
now i dont,
natures' playing games,
till the sun goes down,
and the night comes through.....

Picture courtesy :  Taylor

an evening...

i dreamt of an evening,
with a sun kissed golden sky,
imagined me being the wave,
always coming back,
not letting the sand dry..


Care is the emotion i feel for you,
Love is the bonding that keeps me with you,
Distance, is the hope of meeting up with you,
Happiness, is the moments that i spend with you,
Liking, is the excitement that lives within us....
Assurance, is the word that keeps us together,
Gentleness, is the word, that describes 'you',
Memories are the moments we spend together,
If i had just one wish to ask God throughout my life,
I would ask for all happiness in the world, to surround 'you' .....


Love is a feeling which keeps you alive
helps you, to get through strife,
a bond that grows stronger with time,
till the heartbeats of lovers,
cease to rhyme...

giving up ...

love, to each one his own,
in my heart,
you have like a diamond shone,
again, through the path,
of the burning heart,
a lonely desire breaks down,
threatening me,
to fall apart...
ask and you shall recieve,
a path of roses,
which may sometimes decieve,
giving up the soul
in return for life.......

walking away...

having a few minutes to live,
a life full of love,
a step away from going near death,
no time to think about the paths tread…
walking away from a thousand dreams,
not bound by life’s realm,
my soul strives to be free,
away, far away, from thee…

pained by being alone,
a night of no moon,
tried hard to find some light,
my heart sank into the darkness
not having the hope to return,
any soon….


passing across the streets of life,
my heart feels the pulse of time,
so many stories wound up, so many began,
trying to find themselves ,in the fabric of life,
a smiling child waiting for her mother,
to pick her up in her arms,
an eager lover, waiting for her love,
to serenade him, with her charms,
hand in hand people feel,
the warmth of being together,
even though they fight sometimes,
they would be with each other,

giving away..

giving away a part of myself,
everyday, to eternity,
then, in the end,
nothing will weigh on my soul,
no worry of adversity...


seeking the end as a refuge,
to live in today...


when i become a time traveller,
i will take a journey into my soul,
passing across known paths,
trying to revive, feelings untold.
a lonely child, thrown open into wild,
a heart tormented by evil,
a mind confused and on the peril,
leaning across to the end,
which then i realised, was a bend,
asking myself whether i should fall apart,
love and happiness tugged the strings of my heart,
not knowing when life picked me up on its way,
togetherness helping pain go away...

in awe...

in awe of the world and the universe,
saving across some moments,
to feel the joy of living.

(Picture Credit : Microsoft Bing Images)

invisible blessing...

an invisible blessing in everyone’s life
is the love of god,
seeing them through pain,
keeping them safe,
in summer and rain,
for someone waiting for their loved one
it is hope in heart
for someone crying alone
it is the hand that wipes away tears..

soft whispers

soft whispers spread in the air,
without you knowing it, i felt you here,
when the breeze brought in some moist,
i would be again with you soon, it promised….

nothing beats the loneliness i feel,
without you, my life isnt complete,
there are many feelings rushing around,
i do not know, which one to fight,
which one to compete…

empty thoughts...

filling in mind with empty thoughts,
sometimes my heart becomes an iron wrought,
its a pain, then, to carry on,
a single thought, transcending itself,
from being a rose, to a thorn….sometimes, i feel like running away,
then there are some moments,
that take my soul in sway,
i get stuck like a rock in pond,
making way for the water,
to flow, either way…

i dream and smile

i dream and smile,
in the world of god,
i wake up and i stare awhile,
keeping my hand, close to my heart..
holding me along are the arms of love,
i am my mom's treasure trove.....

its going to be dawn again...

Alas! in the night of no moon,
The stars have disappeared, so soon,
the sky then becomes clean and clear,
Being its all alone...
As the midnight hour pass by,
my thoughts begin to cease,
what happened through the day that was worse,
what has been in it, to please...
Behest, with the end of night,
a ray of light emerges,
its going to be dawn again,
the start of a new flight.........

if, only...

waiting for a loved one to wake up,
feeling the time go by,
thinking of a whole life lived,
but not wanting to cry,
no regret for the good times missed,
wanting to seal pain, 
with a heartwarming kiss...

many moments lived in the past,
and journeys everyday,
that do not seem to last,
not one day going through without the thought,
if, only, i would have fought..
life would have been different.......

happiness in a rhyme...

living in a hairstrand of a space,
not snapping across with the maddening pace,
to achieve success for the inner soul,
quietly gather memories of love,
there is no day left to think about rage,
or to dwell on unpleasant times...
look around and you will find,
music in hearts and happiness in a rhyme...

sublime sunset....

to feel the waves beneath my feet
will be a part of my living bliss,
the sky above and its vastness,
will be a part of my happiness,
living high,flying with the clouds,
there wont be any worries,
or living doubts,
nature healing my pain,
will assure me,
i am not living in vain,
at the end of my time,
everyone will fret,
but i will be happy,
to be with,
the sublime sunset......

love isnt permenant....

love isnt permenant, not even life,
then why is it that we take our loved ones for granted,
why should i even search for loved one,
is this beginning of another illusion?

ask for togetherness,
and then live in seperation,
then answer a hundred questions,
like your life is up for investigation....

end of arguments,
begin the discussion,
better to live life openly,
than to get lost in depression....


turning definitions upside down,
i think of reality,
as a break from the world of dreams,
and fantasy,
a long journey which never stops....

breaking out....

breaking out of illusions,
clearing the soul of delusions,
reflections of good times in heart,
a confused human being,
has set her own world apart....

not knowing whom to wait for,
not knowing what to cry for,
pain tearing inside,
leaving a void outside...

seeing a life...

last seen a life
living through an hourglass,
looking at life from the rear mirror,
seeing, but not able to hold time,
asking for happiness and love in prayers,
never really celebrating being there,
golden moments with loved ones,
spread over like sunset hues,
a readymade medicine to see us through,
tough times and sadness blues,
again, weaving a new fabric,
into the pattern of life,
seeing a life, lived through the hourglass…


hoping to find sunset at the end of this journey,
a light all encompassing,
when there is no word left to be said,
no lone journey to be tread......

lean back on life...

invent new reasons for being alive,
through some good and bad moments,
learning how to live,
when everything else fails,
lean back on life,
try to rewind,
find out, where it all began,
learning each day will bring pain,
the heart will try to wash away,
troubles.. in the chatter of rain....

"i will hold you"

Love is like a magic wand,
with a helping hand,
seeing you through pain,
to rise you up again..
love cant be always with you,
there are some storms,
that you alone, have to go through,
love can last you only till you believe in it,
even in its absence, you gotta live with it,
then there are some moments, a loved one lives without you,
happy or sad, you have to live it through,
to find solace within your own self,
when life gets you off the shelves,
is to close your eyes,
see yourself through,
there is a companion who lives within you..
when times seems so hard,
that shadows melt away,
it says, "i will hold you"
and see you through another day....

a feeling...

hapenning to be on the crossroads of life,
there is only one thing that i want to be sure of,
whatever i may be or may not be,
there will be one constant in my being here,
unconditional love of my loved ones,
a feeling of being there,for them,
at good times and bad,
increasing uncertainty,
unwanted popularity,
all are temoporary,
in this thing called life…

A Lovely Morn....

Towards, the end of day,the rosy hues left by the morning dew,
spelt a word against the darkness of the unending black sky,
Behold! You are trying in vain..
You cant hold me too long,
As the new morn awaits me...
O darkness! ye shall see light in a few moments from now....

When the morning leaf was caressed by the wind,
the bud flowered in sun,
slowly, a breeze sailed across,
and whispered to the bud...
"You have become a Beautiful Blossom,
Live thy life in joy,
I have sailed across this sleepy town,
To bring with me for you,
A Lovely Morn...."


Beckoning shadows make their presence felt,
in times of wavering sunlight,
sweeping slowly over the clouds..
alighting gradually down here on earth,
With the sunset fast approaching,
they become more encompassing,
surviving the encroachment of shadows,
a few beings live now,
when the shadows are gone,
some of us will rise and shine,
some will remain in their own srhine
with them being strong enough,
shadows cast a gloom on humans
and carry them away...

Life in a moment...

living too close, living too far,
having feelings and thoughts at war,
its a close call everyday,
which feelings to lose,
which thoughts to play,
people may ask whats there in a name,
it is being there, done that,
and changing the game,
what is with the world ,
i have wondered,
to wrong things and right,
people surrender,
seeing life through a looking glass,
being in the world,but not getting lost,
Life in a moment...


Waiting for a destination in life,
when there is no road ahead to move on
destined to be at the end of world,
like a moonset on an island,
putting together broken pieces,
to find a reflection...


voices speaking to my heart,
happiness from me will, always stay apart,
the joy of walking towards the sunset,
in my destiny, it is not set,
a million moments of love and care,
do not match, the feeling of being there...
asking myself is this will be true,
will i be able to touch the sky,
be one with the blue...


soaring into the deep blue sky,
with wings of happiness and success,
my dreams for you is to see you reach high,
and to never say goodbye...

lost in translation,
are some of my hopes,
and then some wishes in waiting,
to reach a destination..

believing in the power of love,
to bring me nearer
to my treasure trove..


living life like a falling glory,
mending broken places,
finding a meaning to my story,
will find solace when i touch the ground,
having the mother earth,
to surround....

summer sun

i was with you when the summer sun lit the ground,
i was with you when the spring rain came around,
i was with you, when the morning birds came around to play,
i was with you, on that bright sunny day...

distant sunset

in search of a distant sunset,
treading along on the path of life,
not knowing when this path will take a turn..
towards the end..

panorama of colors...

spilling colors of sunset,
on to the big blue sea,
there is a panorama of colors,
mixing with each other,
for human eyes to see,
one cannot but get lost in time,
with the wonders of nature,
being one with god, is the only thing,
felt at that juncture,
all troubles, all sadness,
vanishes away, holding us spellbound,
in nature's fray,
pulling in darkness, with a thousand stars,
wrapping up in the warmth of moon,
the night ends too soon......

no one cares...

living in a world,
where human beings are compared to salt,
people hoping to wipe away sorrow,
with a single glass of malt,
no one cares how the other one lives,
not having kindness of sharing grief,
when summer is around,
we wait for the rain to come,
and through the showers,
we keep blaming the sun,
for not showing up...
asking each other how are you,
not bothering really, about how they do,
loved one's though close,
are far away,
they wait to see through,
each another's day,
spending time together,
is a distant dream, for them,
they are still apart, however near they seem,
keeping memontes, and showing them off,
not really having a place for each other, in their hearts..


waiting to hold on a moment in time,
seeing it whither away like sand,
sometimes touching an unknown chord,
sometimes giving away a rhyme,
waiting for that one moment,
to be free from praise, and lament,
to sleep in the deep peace of lifelessness,
to see and feel the heaven shine...

happy endings...

waiting for happy endings,
going through agonies of space and time,
a flicker of hope, adorning the way ahead,
not knowing when it will die down,
a constant reminder of bad days,
leaving a void in today,
a vacant spot in the world,
waiting to call me its own,
a verse leaving me fulfilled,
after going through life's drill,
a dream of love born again,
to find ice crystals in rain...


stayin ahead of each other
in the race of time,
conniving dealings,
inconsistent feelings,
sapping the energy of soul,
running across to some unknown destination,
not having time to spend in self rumination,
when i am alone,
i feel the energy come back to my soul,
counting on my blessings,
i leave everything in the hands of time,
nowadays, i am not always looking for a rhyme,
carelessly shedding my shortcomings,
looking on to the day,
when i will leave,
to be back with my creator......

little hopes ...

little hopes to cling on,
some happy moments to believe,
finding my own reason to live,
a dash of love, a touch of care,
is all that my heart needs,
to be in the moment...

good times

never will bad times prevail,
there is a good time , waiting inside a veil,
losing hope is giving up yourself to sorrow,
for you will live, there is still a tommorow,
chasing away the darkness in soul,
light will encompass you, one day...


stayin detached from life,
like a dewdrop on rose bud,
waiting to reach the earth,
or to disappear in sky...


at the end of life's sunset,
there will be many questions unanswered,
why did i live a human life,
and not find the one who created it,
why did i find so much pain,
and then tried to live with it,
why did i survive,
when a day old child had died,
why are there a million mutinies in my heart,
when there is nothing to feel bad about...

finding myself...

waiting sometimes to feel the breeze,
chose not to worry about life,
take good times and bad with ease,
nobody will be there at the end of time,
finding time, to find myself...
walking sometimes by the evening sea,
thinking how i am, how i wanna be,
never getting sad by failures in life,
or let success give me a high,
assurances of togetherness,
flowing away with the river,
containing in myself, my heart's shiver,
acceptance is far away, revolt is near,
chosing to move away from my fear,
treading alone on an unknown path,
not knowing till when this life will last......


my friends are rays of sunshine,
shining through the leaves,
like hope of happiness,
in time of grief..

one moment

waiting on for that one moment,
when dreams turn to reality,
thinking of a life half lived,
there is an emptiness i feel,
getting lost in the vastness
of the big wide world...


knowing whats lost and whats not,
a thousand lonely moments,
asking my heart,
whether, i am right or wrong in being apart,
sometimes holding an invisible hand,
at crossroads of life,
did i stand,
no one day to fill in happiness,
then sometimes, 
feeling like walking towards greatness,
do not know how far, the journey of life will last,
keeping my mind open, for the roads are vast,
standing on my own ground, 
to discover peace somewhere in the horizon..... 


one day, i would return,
come back to the evening sea,
this is where i belong,
this is where i wanna be,
an evening for the eyes to behold,
calming waves reaching up like a hand to hold,
walk across to the end of land,
with no one to seek or understand,
unseen horizons beckon,
to sail into spaces unknown...

safety net...

an uneasy calm spread across the day,
as new hopes try to spread their wings,
clinging on to the chime of hope,
a lonely heart, waits to find a way,
happiness and sadness going hand in hand,
seeking to be understood and understand,
loneliness pinches from inside,
i feel my safety net is not too wide,
sometimes i feel all accomplished,
then sometimes, feeling impoverished,
wavering mind  has a thousand stories to tell,
imposing on me, how i fell,
the time has come, for me to arise,
to keep the pain away,
and be happy by being wise....

getting lost...

finding a destination,
and then trying to reach it,
there are so many plans made for the day,
with some done, some forgotten,
sometimes sitting down to think about life,
sometimes just reaching out for someone,
another evening spent, to find happiness for loved ones',
at times thinking of facing a writers block,
then sometimes getting lost in the crowd,
not having the courage to stand out..

key to happiness...

living in a world of illusions,
waiting for the key to happiness,
sailing across unknown oceans,
searching for that elusive place..
knowing where to find love,
learning to keep sadness behind,
there are countless dreams to be achieved,
some of them, getting erased from mind,
with time...

a maze...

keeping the world in two palms,
dreaming to create one of my own,
sometimes i try to catch hold of the sky,
then i wonder, why in all times, did i try,
sometimes happy to find a way,
to run away from troubles,
finding myself at the crossroads,
then having nothing to say,
sometimes running into life at once,
sometimes calling it a day!
in the closet of my own feelings,
drawing a silent sketch of life,
sometimes, i know all the roads,
which lead me to the end of time..,
thinking of beginings and the end,
sometimes i try to pretend,
that all is well with my living,
that there is no other joy rather than giving,
and then , i realise,
chosing this path for me, has never been wise,
waiting for some new phase to begin,
i have let myself to get lost in,
a maze called 'life' .....


Evening moon waiting in the sky,
Like a tiny bird ready to fly,
The sky in blue spread across,
with a spot of gold,to spread its gloss,
Feeling close to the one painted blue,
The sky wakes up with a silvery hue,
Travelling across the snowy bubble,
sometimes, i am a ray of sunlight,
struggling around,
to find a space in dew...


leaving the hands of time,
my heart takes flight, like a free bird,
not once trying to look back,
to the comforts of the world...

answer to my prayers...

there are so many emotions left unfelt,
at the end of the day,
i would have dealt,
with conflicting desires,
and lonely moments,
how would it be to hold a child in my arms,
how would it be, to see him smile,
how would days go, when i feel him there,
like an answer to my prayers..
keeping aside these emotions,
my heart wrings towards either sides,
i do not see a ray of hope,
through giant waves,
it is like, deep trenches all the way,
holding me on to another day,
without knowing when the next step,
will lead me towards the end.......


looking around to find a meaning,
a reason to mend the broken heart,
waiting across dark oceans,
to find a distant sunlight...

waiting to know...

bound by prayers of loved ones,
feeling safe and sound,
i think of time and journey ahead,
trying to gather happiness abound,
my shadows keep withering away,
with withering hopes of love,
not thinking of leaving something behind,
with a lot of questions in my mind,
trying to find faces on sand,
my dreams may not have a place to land,
walking on water,
waiting in snow,
where's life taking me,
i am waiting to know...

till the end..

presuming a life without directions,
to find a right path,
which will walk toghether,
forwards, till the end,
an empty heart with no hope,
a silent soul which is helping me cope,
and negotiate,
there are not many achievements,
to substantiate,
that i will be  a winner,
in the game of life,
in the absence of light,
in the silence of one lonely night,
i found my reason to live,
to share and forgive,
and, then , there was no looking back,
i decided to put my life,
back on track...

beyond you...

trying to catch hold of life,
is like holding a butterfly in your hand,
feeling it slip away in a split second,
like a handful of sand,
a verse written with love in mind,
can sometimes turn out to be unkind,
unpredictable but wise,
its good to arise,
thinking above and beyond the present,
with no feelings in heart of resent,
sounds bad but it is true,
i will have to think of my life,
beyond you...

painting hopes..

painting hopes for a new tommorow,
the sunset splashes its colors,
every day, the sky is different,
and the clouds tell a story of their own,
sometimes they show, a carriage with men,
sometimes, a child playing on the ground,
an array of rays spread across,
sometimes just a blanket of snow,
heaven has so many stories to tell,
us human beings may never know.....