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will find....

many things have been said about life,
there are many to advice, very few to help,
only a handful of good friends,
will be there to tell the truth,
and protect you from wrong,
at the end of day, and of time,
its to God, whom you belong,
whatever i make of this life,
whatever i think i will be,
there is no doubt, i am confident,
that she will find lyrics,
to each of my life's song...
life comes in many colors,
it all depends on how you see it,
there may be good times and bad,
we deal with people and memories,
sometimes happy, sometimes, sad.,
you gotta be always on pace,
life , most of times, is a race,
make up for lost journeys,
keep building hopes,
live like there is no tommorow,
keep building castles,
on the sands of time,
be strong enough to build another,
if the waves, wash the castle of dreams, away....

keep moving ahead..

nature will find a way,
for what it has to say,
there will be a ray of happiness,
between the shades of grey.
sometimes i spent the day across,
thinking of deeds undone,
sometimes i think of regrets,
and now i feel, there are none,
there is no looking back for me,
i will keep moving ahead in time,
till, there is no dream left to see....

keep up with my soul..

not finding a rhythm to sing to, 
i waited for the time to find me,
a small verse to encapsulate,
what i feel today,
with so much negatives going around,
i wonder how will i be safe and sound,
catching up becomes difficult at times,
not always do i find a word to rhyme,
then i thought whatever it may be,
i would write today,
to keep up with my soul...

endless journeys in time...

a moist evening spent in rain,
a shiny moonlit night,
a world which is happening around,
a secure feeling, keepin me safe and sound,
this and lot other moments,
make up is what i call 'life'
it has always intrigued,
it has always been a surprise,
to watch the rose bud grow in light,
to watch the beautiful sunrise,
a moment spent in happiness,
another in the pain of being away,
still another happening to take me,
into the land of nowhere,
coming back to my own sense,
then going back to past tense,
now i am here, now i am not,
is this what i have, to myself, brought,
no destination to be sought,
but there will be a journey  to find,
i will not speak,
nor will i retreat,
there will, always be,on my mind,
some endless journeys in time..............

for that day..

waiting for that day in life,
when i would start a new journey,
i will stand across the bridge of time,
and write a new chapter,
i will sail across the deep blue sea,
there will be no one else , just me,
feel the warmth of breeze on my face,
sadness will be abandoned without a trace,
i will dream of a new tommorow,
with no place in my life, for sorrow..

i shall drift away...

looking out  for a new day,
where only sunshine, lightens the way,
where the daylight peeps through tree leaves,
and leaves impressions on land,
looking for a new morning,
across the calming sea,
where i could be there till the end of day,
with no hurry to leave,
looking ahead for a moonlit night,
where i could sleep under the sky,
and then i shall drift away, and not wake up,
till the end of time..........

looking for,

looking for, my own reflection,
waiting to find, my life's destination,
looking for a reason,
to wait and see,
who i am, the real me,
each day i progress towards the end of time,
i will have a day, that will be completely mine,
there will be a day,
when my soul will part,
to begin a journey from the start..


praying and hoping,
for a lovely morning,
where my eyes will only see,
happiness around,
and god will keep my family,
safe and sound,
praying to god,
for a lovely tommorow,
where all my friends will forget their sorrow,
keeping close to me, my good ol' dolls,
i kiss you goodnight,
my lovely mom......

if, only,

if, only, i could live for a day,
like the butterfly,
spread happiness, shine, and then fly away,
i would have no time for sadness,
i will not think of the world's madness,
there will be only two beautiful wings to fly,
and may be i could also reach for the sky,
no time to think of a life going lonely...
but here i am, living a human life,
i accept it with the happiness and the strife,
if only i could live it to the best,
i will, then have a lot of time to rest,
in the arms of eternity......

evening sea

standing alone by the evening sea,
is the boat, resembling my life,
having seen the joy of sunset,
having heard the roar of the waves beneath,
i still am on the crossroads of a journey,
which may or may not take place in time,
the evening sun beckons,
the calming moon has called,
thinking still, whether to walk,
walk into a new morn...
little blue eyes,
open wide, telling me to pick you up,
and keep by my side,
little sweet wings,
poised to fly,
to move around in the big blue sky,
two little feet,
come into my life,
i await you,
my little angel.........

with you

see me in your dreams,
when you sleep,
i have been thinking of you,
and the thoughts ran deep,
you have added meaning to my life,
you have kept my mind, out of strife,
then, why do i feel,
this hate for you,
this feelings of sadness are somewhat new,
do something to keep this pain away,
i want to be happy with you each day......