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bright morning whispers with a million colors,
waking up to a dreamy day,
i have no words to describe,
the joy of sunlight,
on a rainy day...

my journey

walking across to the end of time,
i am waking up to one realisation,
that there is no start to my journey,
nor a destination,

i have with me a few days to live,
in that i can love, i can fight, i can forgive,
i chose love, coz its the bedrock of my life,
i chose forgiveness, to end all discord,

i am at peace with my own self,
i have a lots of stories to tell,
when i go away, and meet my mom,
i will sing to her, all my hearts' songs,

in her loving arms i will find eternity,
will lose myself in the skies of infinity.......

missing feeling

writing a few words,
keeping a few thoughts in mind,
trying to be happy,
as time once lost,
is hard to find..

there is a missing feeling,
a tugging at heart,
coz i am hurt, when we are apart..

streaming river reflecting

waiting for a new morn to begin,

i sat by the end of land,
seeing the setting moon shining,
like its living its last night,

streaming river reflecting,
mind and heart contemplating,
whats right in life, whats went wrong,
penning it all toghether is for me,
" life's simple song"

while all seek glory and fame,
i look for happiness in time,
life is not a verse for me,
where all lyrics will rhyme...

ice crystals in rain

away from the cares of the world,
like a child who has got his toy,
i take a step to fly across,
the unknown big blue sky,
with wings of hope and joy...
everyone has a way to live,
everyone has a day to die,
a list of things about to be done,
and another list in the line,
crying for loved ones,
caring for children,
a generation passes by...
not knowing when the end is near,
not knowing whats precious and dear,
living across, like a cog in the wheel,
not knowing how freedom feels,
freedom to know yourself,
when somebody else is cursing,
freedom to be away from pain,
like finding, ice crystals in rain.....