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thinking of the days that have gone,
working along everyday, every new morn,
i wait for time to slow down,
take it one moment at a time..
keeping in mind, heart and soul,
all the words, spoken and untold,
days gone by, wont come back again,
after summer, there will be rain,
good days and bad are here to stay,
i will not let my heart feel bad,
about a moment or a day,
in the arms of happiness,
i will make a life,
there will be no place,
in my life for strife.......

just passing by

i am a lone spectator, to the drama of life,
i see all moments, all my life, not touching me, just passing by, away in the loneliness, i spend some time, to think and contemplate, whats wrong, whats right, cant dwell in sadness, cant smile in happiness, all days, all moments,
they are mine, and then they are not, can i be happy, can i be strong, or just by the river of life, will i flow along?