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a dream to play

the memories of our time toghether,
i sit and think, and then i think forever,
never wanted to be apart,
seeing each other, each day,
thats only a dream to play,
never closed my door of hope on you,
have always stood by the window of love,
i know,
deep down in my heart,
that there will be a day, one day,
when i wouldnt think of being toghether,
i would not hope to be with you forever,
my soul will sing the rhymes of peace,
in to the arms of eternity, my life will retreat..............

window of life

Movin across in the journey of time,
I sat by the window of life,
To share a rhyme
Keeping faith in heart,
And love in soul,
I christen you my angel.,
and my only guide.
I owe you my happiness
And My Life,
You have helped me always,
To keep pain aside,
Though life seemed always a stormy tide,
You kept me safe always,
Like a newly wed bride,
Life wont allow me though
To say you as mine,
You will always be in my heart,
And like a diamond shine.........

it wont come back...

Life's not a bed of roses,
Its not full of stones either,
it all depends on how you see it,
whether you love yourself, how much you believe,
some live life as its theirs forever,
some wait for their end to be near,
some live in fear,
some are bold and very clear,
I have seen all these times,
Not always with my thought, does my life rhyme,
I live each moment, as i know,
It wont come back again....

without you..

You had promised to be together till the end of time,
then why do our memories, not seem to rhyme,
why each day passes, without hearing you smile,
without you, my life is not worthwhile...

have you?

today, i was thinking of the times we spent together,
promising each other, we will be there with each other...forever,
did your eyes make that promise,
or was it our hearts talking...
have you felt the pain of being away,
or do you think, we will just meet up some day........
good or bad, happy or sad,
right or wrong, or just to walk along,
life puts me in jeopardy,
should i be strong??

countless dreams

Deep inside from the bottom of my heart,
i have never been away,
from pains, i have never been apart,
and then, i woke up one day,
to find myself, in the arms of life,
Feeling each moment,
Lending my ear to each beat,
my heart is awake,
yearns to be free, to be in retreat,
sadness is now hard to find,
have got countless dreams on my mind.........