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Moments in life,

they may be filled with happiness, may be filled with strife,

searching for a meaning, searching for greatness,

having few happy times, within a canvas of stress,

the picture i paint may not may be good,

and the colors i spill may not be right,

would gather across some light and shine,

to make the moment look pristine,

beyond the world of emptiness,

i am always looking for happiness...


See me across the morning sky,
behold in your arms, let the feelings try,
not to mend and not pretend,

walk through with me, no matter how far it seems,
be the one of whom i dream...........

care for me as you would ever do,
be there for me, for there cannot be,
anybody else whom i would ask to....

I would........

would live to see the morning sky,
filled with the treasure of dew drops,
and hold the memories in the arms of love,
and never let the moments run dry...

would awaken to the sound of morning,
and think of the moments i am yearning,
to share a smile and a tear,
to get the feeling that you are near........

would die to spend a moment of love,
in the arms of my treasure trove,
and never to wake up again........................

a new day

a new day has come with a new sunrise
to add to the world a new sunrise
to add memories and to let stories begin,
to create new rhymes before the sun sets in,
tell the heart that a new fabric has been spun,
and tell the soul that a new music has begun.........

a thought

A little corner in the space of my mind
To think about the moments of happiness entwined,
A little space left to clear
So that Sadness becomes far & Joy Near....................