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getting closer to the silvery hue
it all seems too good to be true,
i would be experiencing the journey of a lifetime,
when my heart and soul will be one,
far away from the noise of this world,
far away from any poise in this world,
i feel emotions slipping away,
one by one they will get out of my way
i will finally be with the one i love,
who's beckoning me from the heaven above,
maybe there's a heaven on earth too,
other than Mom, it could only be you!
the eternity now seems closer, and the sun's rays nearer, living each day to see the night come, helping my soul to return, closer to its journey, near the star and the bright evening skyall those things left to be done, all those words left to be said, seem to be moving away from my lips, heart and thought.....shall i be the first one to see the sun rise, and the moon set? hmmm...yes, maybe or ...may not be......
it seems to be an eternity,wish it could be closer,
i have been waiting to see you, but this seems like forever
not spending a day without the thought of going there,
to let all my senses be aware.
the end is somewhere close-by
lending a hand to start a beginning..................