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This is Me

Happiness for me is the twinkle in your eyes,
Sadness for me is a frown on your face
Joy for you in the world, i always trace
Give me your pain
Treat me as a friend,
My prayers for you will never end...

endless destinations

singing along to the song of life,
a new beginning and the end of strife,
hopes begin to set on a new dawn,
to have something to call my own,
be it moments of happiness or of pain,
or some moments spent in rain,
some days of longing, etched on beach,
together forever with you i reach,
endless destinations...

A Small Verse

when all the dreams have come true,
and you know not what to do,
there is still some more time to leave,
and then there is a little fabric of life left to weave,

i will think of the times that i spent with you.....
jiving to the music of life,
each one has his own style,
some face hurdles with a smile,
some take time and breath for a while,
i am among the second lot,
life happens to me and then i think about it,
experience sadness and then live above it,
somewhat clear, somewhat confused,


life really is a question,
there are a lot of answers, many suggestions,

everyone has a skill of seeing it differently,
everyone thinks they are right, apparently,

whats happiness for one, is sadness for another,
there are always some people who share their whole life together,
moments are defined, anniversaries celebrated,
happiness is divided, in blocks of time,
everyone is looking on to find their rhyme,

the curator of this zoo,
smiles from above,
when people become greedy, and fight over money,

many have tried, many have defined,tried to defend,
life is still a vast ocean, not everyone can comprehend

love is string that binds together,
people in happiness and sadness........

Me...?? I am still searching for myself................


wish to sleep in the arms of night
see myself alone in the shine of twilight,
hoping along to see a dream come true,
a wish to be an identity,
in the sea of love adversity....


searching for a meaning in life and love,
somewhere hidden in the midst of a treasure trove,
looked far and looked beyond,
sometimes happiness was there, lost and found,
windows of heart open to the vastness of sea,
sometimes the pain of life does outreach,
crying around to hold the hand of death,
to sleep in silence of the lifeless....


Love is a feeling mystified,
never reveals itself though how much i try,
when not able to feel it through,
sometimes i would cry,

loneliness and happiness do not go together,
though these are the feelings i live with,
as if they are here forever.....

no desire to achieve a goal,
no desire to reach anywhere,
just to have the comfort of knowing,
that you are there somewhere.....

i feel sometimes that i am left alone,
but the stars above have always shown,
the way ahead and the way behind,
and they are never hard to find.....

somewhere i have an abode to live,
and i will be there with them...........

Love isnt a destination i am trying to reach,
it is my journey towards the end............


Moments in life,

they may be filled with happiness, may be filled with strife,

searching for a meaning, searching for greatness,

having few happy times, within a canvas of stress,

the picture i paint may not may be good,

and the colors i spill may not be right,

would gather across some light and shine,

to make the moment look pristine,

beyond the world of emptiness,

i am always looking for happiness...


See me across the morning sky,
behold in your arms, let the feelings try,
not to mend and not pretend,

walk through with me, no matter how far it seems,
be the one of whom i dream...........

care for me as you would ever do,
be there for me, for there cannot be,
anybody else whom i would ask to....

I would........

would live to see the morning sky,
filled with the treasure of dew drops,
and hold the memories in the arms of love,
and never let the moments run dry...

would awaken to the sound of morning,
and think of the moments i am yearning,
to share a smile and a tear,
to get the feeling that you are near........

would die to spend a moment of love,
in the arms of my treasure trove,
and never to wake up again........................

a new day

a new day has come with a new sunrise
to add to the world a new sunrise
to add memories and to let stories begin,
to create new rhymes before the sun sets in,
tell the heart that a new fabric has been spun,
and tell the soul that a new music has begun.........

a thought

A little corner in the space of my mind
To think about the moments of happiness entwined,
A little space left to clear
So that Sadness becomes far & Joy Near....................

Life's Like This :-)

Loved and lost among the woods
Care and happiness lost and found,
To be among the ones we love,
to tread around on a known ground,
This is what we think our lives should be,
Not tied anywhere and be always free,
Giving each other a reason to smile,
Knowing each other and spend some time awhile,
For everyone knows they have to be out there,
In a land where all of us belong..........

Dont Ask Me

Not across the flowing ocean,
not across the still sky,
Want an abode in the silent space,
No one in this world be able to trace,

Dont ask me the reason, dont ask me why
I am ready for the oceans and for the sky,
Not once in a while but forever on,
Not be here, not to belong.

Wanna be free, like the shining sun,
Moving across,never alone.....

Dont try to understand, do not try to mend,
My joy is in transit, Not a destination.

I am leaving on to a journey that will never end.........

The End & The Beginning

A breeze has slowly flown around,
lifting up secrets from the ground,
i have seen the end come near to me,
and then went away as if it have never been.........

Journey of Life

Giving a thought to the journey of life
a moment of love an age of strife
cant say where this love began, cant see where this strife ends,
some moments lost in the journey of time,
its been quite a while since i have found a rhyme.......................
having seen the wonders of time,
letting the music move through rhyme,
far ahead from the busy world,
i let my heart skip a beat
leaving on to a long retreat,
seen happiness and pain stay together,
may have to leave this chance forever,
longing on for a cherished lifetime,
this time........
it would be in the arms of eternity...............................
getting closer to the silvery hue
it all seems too good to be true,
i would be experiencing the journey of a lifetime,
when my heart and soul will be one,
far away from the noise of this world,
far away from any poise in this world,
i feel emotions slipping away,
one by one they will get out of my way
i will finally be with the one i love,
who's beckoning me from the heaven above,
maybe there's a heaven on earth too,
other than Mom, it could only be you!
the eternity now seems closer, and the sun's rays nearer, living each day to see the night come, helping my soul to return, closer to its journey, near the star and the bright evening skyall those things left to be done, all those words left to be said, seem to be moving away from my lips, heart and thought.....shall i be the first one to see the sun rise, and the moon set? hmmm...yes, maybe or ...may not be......
it seems to be an eternity,wish it could be closer,
i have been waiting to see you, but this seems like forever
not spending a day without the thought of going there,
to let all my senses be aware.
the end is somewhere close-by
lending a hand to start a beginning..................