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i shall see the smile in your eyes,
when we meet at sunrise,
i shall feel the warmth of your love,
with the sky forming an abode above,
i shall be the first one to be on your side,
In happiness, in pain, never moving aside,
Pain has been a metaphor to my life always
You have showed me the way to keep it away
I may not want to show you my past,
I dont think even in my memories it should last,
Love me for what i am today,
I have lived life for you...........Till this day.................................
Flowing through the serene winds of time
waiting for a new sunshine,
although it is deep & dark here,
hope springs alive and brings a new rhyme
we bond to each other by fate
in silent times i contemplate
life without you would be an incomplete story,
given the moments of mystery,
i would rather be alive in your memories
and share a page in your history...........